China makes way for the end of tweekindpolitiek

2e172f513d18d3cd7723ab36c98482e2 - China makes way for the end of tweekindpolitiek

China seems to be an end to want to the many years of policies that determines how many children couples may have. In a draft for a new civil code, all the sections on family planning have disappeared, reports the Chinese staatspersagentschap Xinhua.

China, with 1.3 billion inhabitants, the drukstbevolkte country in the world, introduced in 1979, the éénkindpolitiek in to the explosive population growth pressing. But because China is struggling with the ageing of the population, was that politics in 2016 is already relaxed. Since may, Chinese couples in urban areas to two children. The people’s Republic would now take steps in the direction of completely free family planning, reports Xinhua.

In a draft for a new civil code is all the text around family planning has disappeared, states the news agency. The change is only in march 2020 submitted to the National people’s congress, the annual meeting of the non-elected parliament in the capital, Beijing.

China is struggling with an ageing population, a declining birth rate and, therefore, increasingly fewer people of working age. In the meantime, the governments are working on a campaign to make the public warm to the idea of a family with more than two children. A stamp with a family of two pigs and three little pigs, which next year will be launched, need to worry.

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