‘Boar, go to work’, they call right

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After the death of a German and a call to the ‘messenmigratie’ to stop the unrest in Chemnitz is a national issue. NRC-correspondent Juurd Eijsvoogel last night was on the spot.

Two angry mobs are literally opposite each other in the center of the Eastern German city of Chemnitz, where, since Saturday night, a tense situation prevails. There is gejoeld, whistle, swearing …

Two angry mobs are literally opposite each other in the center of the Eastern German city of Chemnitz, where, since Saturday night, a tense situation prevails. There is gejoeld, whistle, swearing.

‘Nazis opgerot’, calling hundreds of leftist demonstrators in a park on the left side of the street. ‘Boar, go to work’, it sounds out of the five times large crowds of right wing protesters on the other side of the street, at the foot of a huge statue of Karl Marx.

A cordon of riot police trying the two camps apart. All of Germany is watching – because these are major political themes of now: refugees, insecurity, the rise of the extreme right and the enforcement of the rule of law.

Rumors have been circulating

In the night from Saturday to Sunday was here at a town festival on the street, a 35-year-old German with knife wounds killed. Two other men were badly injured – after a quarrel, said the police, with ‘several persons of different nationalities’ were involved. Soon, rumours circulated in the city and on social media that the culprits were men with ‘a southern. Then ran the voltage in Chemnitz, the former Karl-Marx-Stadt, quickly.

Sunday there was a peaceful ñ protest demonstration organized by the Dept. Later that day there was through social media, even a demonstration organized, of about 800 people, among whom voetbalhooligans and extreme right-wing activists. There was with bottles to the police thrown out. And a journalist reported that random passers-by with a dark appearance, were attacked, some of the images on the internet seemed to confirm.


An mp of the AfD, Markus Frohnmaier, tweeted Sunday night: “If its citizens can’t protect, then the people take to the streets and they protect themselves. Very simple!!! Today is the civic duty to the “messenmigratie” that death brings with it to stop. It had to be your father, your son, your brother!’

In 24 hours time was the unrest in Chemnitz is a national issue. The government-Merkel condemned Monday focus the ‘raids hunting for people that look different’ and the ‘spread of hatred on the street’. But spokesman denounced the tweet of Frohnmaier: ‘Germany is no place for vigilantism.’

The police could Monday, reporting that a Syrian and an Iraqi man have been arrested in connection with the stabbing. ‘That the foreigners were, we knew for a long time, but the authorities and the media wanted that first orgasm,’ says a right-wing protester, who only his first name Ralf want to call it. He is 54, a musician by profession and a regular participant in Pegida-demonstrations.

End of the DDR

‘On this square we were in 1989 to demonstrate, ” he says, referring to experience protests that the end of the GDR marked. “What we were pleased that we did after the fall of the Wall finally freedom got. But it fell quickly. There is so much social inequality and injustice. And then the refugees that Merkel here has achieved. Now the politicians and the media attitude about an attack on a foreigner, who has not been made, but about the murdered man, you hear them hardly ever!’

On the other side, between the left tegendemonstranten, there is a woman in a wheelchair. Also she wants only her first name, Ute. She is 52, agrees on the Greens and to the demonstration with her daughter, who is a flag with a drawing of a swastika in a trash can falls, and the words: Nazis? Nein Danke.

‘Precisely,’ says Ute, ” I’ve in 1989 demonstrated. It annoys me greatly that the right-wing protesters now our slogan back then: “We are the people”. They are the people not at all.’

The police know the order later in the evening, not to keep it. There arise quarrels, there are six wounded, and neo-nazis in the sight of the police openly the Hitlergroet, a criminal offence in Germany.

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