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Bitcoin: trading volume on U.S. stock exchanges drops

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Analysts from the house of Diar have noticed a decline in the Trading with Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies. And an interesting statement about the unsettled legal situation of Bitcoin made.

While Tom Lee is still a possibility that the price of Bitcoin to the end of the year is $ 20,000, the Trading volume on Coinbase at first glance, a different language. One of the largest crypto stock exchanges in North America recorded a strong decline in the Trading of crypto-currencies since January, 2018. The covers on the one hand, with the decline in the number of searches on Google on the topic of Bitcoin. On the other hand, the results provide interesting insights on the legal position of crypto-currency.

Bitcoin, regulation, and trading volume

As Diar in return handle to data from CoinApi, is the decline in the trading volume on Coinbase at a hefty 83 percent. Also Bitstamp must cope with a relatively sharp decline with 73% less trading volume than in January 2018, the Luxembourg-based crypto-exchange will have to fight with the current bear market. Also Binance recorded a decline, this is a tight third. The light here comes from an unexpected quarter: The stock market OKEX from Hong Kong, was recorded in July, an all-time high in the Trading, the trading volume has increased since January by nearly one-sixth.

Diar is a clear connection between the regulatory and trading volume:

“The trading volume on Coinbase, Bitstamp, and Kraken has greatly decreased. However, stock exchanges outside the United States have a less strong regulation, an increase in the trading volume.“

The highlight of the matter: While the increasing level of regulation, it follows that the mass of smaller traders – to the Report – progress seems, it is exactly this, the institutional investors are waiting:

“The fact that there is no clearly defined regulatory framework to Bitcoin, could ironically mean a strong disadvantage. Companies will not take the risk that regulators of your business to look […]“

Ultimately, it is the unresolved legal situation, which keeps a wider acceptance of crypto-currencies. And it needs, ultimately, to emancipate Bitcoin from its current role as an object of speculation. Then it works also with the Bitcoin price.

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