Beautiful and Ruthless, then at SIX

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From Monday 3 september is the most well-known American soap The Bold and the Beautiful daily, in Flanders, on show SIX. The film and seriezender will be at 09.00 am start with episode 7453. At around 12.30 pm will be the episode of that morning and repeated every day. The daily tv-series was a few months not in Flanders, but also SIX is now again fixed appointment. SIX is found on Telenet on channel 14, at Proximus on channel 16 for TV Vlaanderen on channel 9, and at Orange on channel 9.

SIX indulges the viewers around the clock with the most popular American movies and series: “SIX, everything is just like in the States just that little bit ‘bigger and better’. It fits this new daily event with the American soap with excellence, also ideal in our zendschema,” says deputy programme director Miguel Casier. “The Bold and the Beautiful ” means for SIX a beautiful next step in the further success of the fledgling station. It is now our highest priority for the coming year, every morning and afternoon to guarantee continuity for the many loyal Flemish viewers of The

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