A Man held that assault planned for olen and Wilders

In the Netherlands, The Hague is a man arrested in a movie was threatened with an attack on the Second Room or the organizer of the olen and of the PVV. PVV-party leader Geert Wilders was to say that personally targeted, but that the police have not confirm.

At the Central Station in The Hague was this afternoon a 26-year-old man arrested following a video that he has on Facebook had posted. Here he does according to the Dutch court attack to announce on the Second Room or the organizer of the olen and the Party For Freedom (PVV) organizes in its premises in the Second Room.

The police speak of a serious threat. “All possible options are kept open and scenarios.’ The identity of the accused should according to the officers yet to be determined.

Geert Wilders, the PVV-party leader in may the olen and about the prophet Muhammad announced, suggests on Twitter that the suspect from abroad came and to him personally,. ‘To me this morning by NCTb (National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security) narrated that a man on Facebook in a movie, would have said that he is in EN has arrived with the goal of me to kill’, says Wilders. ‘Fortunately, he is arrested.’

The contest, which Wilders even this year wants to organize in the partijlokalen of the PVV in the Second Room, called in recently violent reactions in Pakistan. There were images of the politician burned at the demonstrations. In their own country, were Wilders’ plans condemned by prime minister Mark Rutte and minister Stef Blok of Foreign Affairs (both liberal democrats). Who want to the contest, however, not prohibit.

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