Witnesses murder of agent Spa report

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SPA – Two witnesses of the murder of police officer Amaury Delrez (38), in the night from Saturday to Sunday, Monday reported to the Belgian police.

Agent Amaury Delrez (38) came to the shooting in the Spa.

The suspected shooter, the Dutchman Ivo T. (36), was more than seven hours after the shooting in the Spa picked up in a forest, not far from the place where the agent died.

The police had Monday morning for the two a opsporingsbericht spread. They sat in the taxi at the time of the shooting. The two were a half hour earlier to get in Francorchamps. In total, there were five passengers in the taxi when it was shot. ,,Three of these customers would ultimately be involved in the facts. That were just before the shooting incident to get in,” said the police.

The interrogation of Ivo T. Monday morning resumed. After his arrest Sunday, he was insufficiently accountable.

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