Witness the golden tip gave about Jos B.: “I just did my duty’

4ba91b4d46e18c83059268d882dae448 - Witness the golden tip gave about Jos B.: "I just did my duty’

Jos B., the Dutchman suspected of the murder of the eleven-year-old Nicky Verstappen in 1998, has been arrested in Spain. The police came to see him on the trail thanks to a tip from a 46-year-old witness. “I just did my duty’, he responds in The Telegraph.

They got more than a thousand tips, but the officers took the report of Erik (the pseudonym he was given by The Telegraph) very seriously. “I have Saturday 50 minutes with a detective talked to him and learned what I knew testifies,” the man in the Dutch newspaper. “When is me at a given moment, told: we are going to take action. For me the moment that I no more should say.’

The research team drew on Sunday to a wooded area near Barcelona. “He was sitting in a tent in the woods, near a house that is visited by multiple people,” says Erik. “It is a kind of commune, where I also for a long time have lived. I got him in July have already seen and spoken to. I saw him for the last time at the beginning of this month. He lives like in nature, he had let me know. Therefore, he sat there.’

When the international opsporingsbericht was distributed, and recognized Erik the suspect soon. “He looked good, not ferocious or so. It is a neat man. He knows a lot about edible and medicinal plants and told me that he didn’t had to know of the internet or phones. His last phone he had left behind for friends. He travels for months through Europe, he had yet to know.”

‘To feel’

Also about his past with the scouts, said Jos B. love. “He told me on the Wereldjamboree to have been, in 1995 in Lebanon. We have fun with each other speaking, but when the news about him became known, I received a to feeling. I also have a friend of mine his photo show and asked him or that moordverdachte was. To know for sure, ” he replied.’

Erik was afraid that B. danger would smell and still on the flight would save. “It was exciting, yes. I am very relieved now that he is caught.’

Or he is now a hero feels, now that he has ensured that the suspect of the murder of the eleven-year-old scoutsjongen Nicky Verstappen after twenty years of witty is. ‘No’, says the. “I have my duty done.’

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