10 Questions

What our wife is/is not experienced as cross-border Kamping Kitsch Club

Our wife went to Kamping Kitsch Club and recorded all requests, unsolicited aansprekingen and touch. “Give me a kuske. Your uncle at the family party, will that do?’

Also this year surpassed Kamping Kitsch Club in exuberant gortigheid. Porn, beer and polonaises his hard prick on the self-proclaimed ‘Ball Light’, but behaviour as well? And what is cross-border at a festival, where the boundaries of propriety consciously be shifted?

  • Telltale greetings and compliments on appearance. ‘Hello! Thou art really a very clean girl’ or ‘Hey, snoepie.’
    Seven times.
    Not appreciated, no time limit indicated.
  • Microphone for the mouth: sing it along with Bryan Adams.
  • From top to bottom gemonsterd.
    Five times.
  • Glances crossed. Smile and partyvibe shared.
    Nine times.
  • A rolled out condom is for my eyes moved and then inflated like a balloon.
    Gaze and body turned away.
  • There is a diadem with a penis on my head.
    I can laugh.
  • Posing for the picture. “Give me a kuske. Your uncle at the family party, will that do?’
    Clear no.
  • Along the rear, approached, arm around the shoulders.
    Clear no.
  • A note on my back does me just in time to hide to talk to avoid.
    Clear no.
  • Someone in the crowd puts his hand on my thigh in passing.
    Too late for a no.
  • Woman is kissing me unsolicited on the cheek: “Sorry, I am full.’ She is just as quickly gone.
    Too late for a no.
  • Man makes a gesture in the direction of cross.
    Clear no.
  • Request: “Miss, may I ask something? Do you want to go dancing with me tonight? I have no friends.”
    Clear no.
  • “Can I have a hug?’
    Clear no.
    (Answer: “I am very disappointed.’)
  • Bierdouche.
    Four times.
    Too late for a no.

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