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Video recommendation of the week: Meher Roy, Chorus of One, and Proof of Stake

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To use instead of the consensus mechanism, Proof of Work, more and more crypto-currencies on the Proof-of-Stake. What a consensus is and what challenges such crypto must be the masters of currencies? In a Crypto-Talks-a result of Meher is Roy of Chorus One, and the Epicenter of the answers to these questions.

(Delegated) Proof of Stake is, polemically speaking, one of the great friends of the “Blockchain instead of Bitcoin”-an Apostle. The reasons for this are understandable. The Alternative to Proof of Work promises, the arms race between miners to prevent the overthrow of Bitmain from the throne, Staking to make eco-friendly as well as significantly higher transaction speeds. The latter has recently proved EOS with more than 1,000 transactions per second. Why we change not just all of the consensus mechanism? The answers to these questions and a look at the possibilities of Proof-of-Stake Meher Roy is the Chorus One.

Meher Roy is no stranger to the crypto scene: Brian Fabian Crain and Sebastien Couture he is one of the Hosts behind the Podcast Epicenter, which was originally called Epicenter Bitcoin is known. In addition to these activities, he is one of the Co-Founder of Chorus One. This company has set the goal of validators for Proof-of-Stake networks and to host. Through the many conversations with crypto visionary in the Epicenter Podcast, and thanks to the Chorus-One built up Expertise Meher Roy is undoubtedly a more interesting conversation partner with respect to Proof-of-Stake implementations.

In a conversation with Jake Brukhman he discussed the shadow side of the independence of Mining Equipment, the problems of a lack of Voting activity, and the dangers of centralization in Proof-of-Stake networks. Here you can also take a critical look at the role of the Block Producer in the case of EOS, respectively, on the early days of crypto currency. Generally speaking, the involvement of large Exchanges and the company, the Block Producer, or Super Representative makes to worry. Many, also, Meher Roy, sees in it a danger of centralization. However, Meher speaks not as a critic of such a consensus systems, the only Proof of Work apply. On the contrary, he sees in the Proof-of-Stake, the solution for decentralized applications. But enough with the introductory words, let Meher Roy himself has to say:

“Crypto Talks” on Rize: Meher Roy (Chorus One, Epicenter)

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