UN researchers: continued military representatives in Myanmar

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GENEVA – International researchers accuse the Burmese military of crimes against humanity. Military representatives from the Asian country should be prosecuted to see if they were held responsible for can be a research team that was established by the human rights Council of the UN.

From Myanmar came last year, a huge influx of refugees. Security forces handles with a lot of violence after attacks by Rohingya rebels. The researchers suggest that the way in which the army acted, often in no was proportional to the actual size of the security problems.

“Military necessity can never justify the random killings, gang rape of women, attacks on children and the burning of entire villages”, report the researchers in their report. They find that a “competent court” a judgment must pass on to members of the forces.

The government of nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi criticism. “There was no evidence that the civil authorities of their limited powers have been used to the situation in Rakhine to influence”, they write. Suu Kyi was supposed to be her “moral authority” is not used in order to protect the population.

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