’Trump should not in burial McCain”

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WASHINGTON – The Us president, Donald Trump has the publication been blocked from a laudatory statement on the death of senator John McCain. That writes the Washington Post on the basis of staff for the White House are working and have worked. The president would not be welcome at the funeral.

In the statement, would the Republican McCain, that much criticism had on his partijgenoot Trump, as a “hero” to be defined. The reaction of the White House was this weekend, all ready to be brought out to be as soon as McCains death became known. The president saw, however, from the communiqué. He informed his advisors that he is instead a short message via Twitter would send.

When McCain died Saturday, vindicated Trump via a tweet its condolences to the family of the senator. But praise about McCains service record, there were not. That was Trump on a lot of criticism.

’Only in captivity’

The boterde already longer not between the two prominent Republicans. McCain was in the lead-up to the previous presidential election have already been critical of Trump. Who sneered, in turn, that the ex-soldier only a heldenstatus because of his captivity during the Vietnam war. “I have more with people who are not caught are taken,” said Trump in 2015.

The seriously ill McCain, in turn, would have made clear that he Trump is not at his funeral, messages of American media. At that ceremony takes vice-president Mike Pence is expected to be the face. Also, former presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama expected.

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