Trump honors McCain anyway

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The American president Donald Trump has a tribute written about his death partijgenoot John McCain. The president has the flag of the White House again at half mast to hang.

The flag on the White House was Saturday evening at half mast hung when the news about the death of McCain bekendraakte. Monday morning, hung the flag, however, been just to fly. That led to criticism, inter alia, of veteranenorganisaties. Trump decided that the flag still down.

At the same time showed the president a statement spread in which he respects to McCain. “Despite our disagreements over policy and politics, I respect the services of senator John McCain to our country. In honor of him I ordered to the flag of the United States at half mast to hang until the day of his funeral’, says the.

Trump will not go to funeral

Donald Trump will not be present at the funeral of McCain. That says a good friend and former employee of the recently deceased senator.

‘According to our information, will the president not be present at the funeral, ” said McCain’s friend and former collaborator Rick Davis on Monday at a press conference in Arizona. McCain would be for his death still have said that current president Donald Trump is not welcome at his funeral.

It is no secret that it’s between Trump and McCain not boterde. Trump called the deceased senator, a Vietnam veteran who for years has been subjected to torture after his plane was shot down – once ‘no war hero’, because he was captured. Since Trump up residence in the White House was McCain, a partijgenoot, one of his sharpest critics.

“Patriotism is not to be confused with banal rivalries’

During the press conference las the spokesperson is a posthumous afscheidsbericht for the senator. Therein denounces the ‘rivalry’ that ‘resentment, hatred, and violence caused in the four corners of the planet.” In his letter, addressed to all Americans, warns McCain make the ‘patriotism not to be confused with banal rivalries’. ‘We weaken it when we hide behind walls, instead of them to knock down, when we doubt the power of our ideals, instead of relying on the great power of change which they always have been.”

John McCain died Saturday at the age of 82 from the effects of brain cancer. He is Wednesday first laid in state in the Capitol of his home state of Arizona, where on Thursday the first funeral takes place. Then the body will be flown to Washington, D. C., where on Friday will be laid in state in the rotunda of the Capitol. The public will have the chance to get him a last greeting.

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