‘Trade between US and Mexico around’

eb774bef1d93a11e0dc474604d8b6f69 - ‘Trade between US and Mexico around’

The United States and Mexico reportedly have a breakthrough in their negotiations on the future of the North American trade treaty NAFTA. The American president Trump would later tonight with an explanation.

That reports news agency Bloomberg, on the basis of insiders. The White House announced that president Donald Trump with a press statement is at 17: 00 Belgian time.

Mexico and the USA forms since the nineties, together with Canada a free trade area, NAFTA. Trump insisted on a renegotiation of it, but the conversations about sitting for a long time blocked. Now would have an agreement with Mexico.

This does not mean that NAFTA saved. Canada must yet again at the dinner-table, slide, and afterwards, the parliaments have the green light.

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