Tom Hardy signs for two more Venom movies

Tom Hardy signs for two more Venom movies

The British actor plays the role of Eddie Brock in the new Spider-Man spin-off.

Tom Hardy also plays in the next two Venom movies. The first part of the Spider-Man spin-off is from October to see in the cinema, with Hardy as a reporter, Eddie Brock, which is a terrifying alter ego develops after he is infected by an evil parasite.

If the fans react positively to his role, will Hardy be happy in the same role in the next two Venom movies.

“I’m open-minded. I signed for three movies, so it is also open in what role I return tells Hardy to Total Film Magazine. “We will see how the people react to the film. I think it’s a great character. I find the role really crazy.”

In a recent interview with Esquire Magazine, the actor says that he will go to UFC fighter Conor McGregor and director Woody Allen has looked for inspiration for his role. “Woody’s tormented neuroses and all the humor that can come. And Conor McGregor is of course very violent, but not a good talker.”

Venom is not the only film series where Hardy is part of. He recently announced that he the role of Max Rockatansky in George Miller’s Mad Max saga is going to play. That series also consists of three parts. “The plan is to make three movies to make, but the wait for the green light to the next,” says Hardy in a recent interview with Variety during Comic-Con.

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