This is a crazy gamer who massacre havoc in tournament

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JACKSONVILLE – The man behind the massacre at a video game tournament in the U.s. Jacksonville is the 24-year-old David Katz. Notify the local police. He would the fire have opened after two video games had lost. There were two dead and 11 wounded.

His victims were the gamers, Eli Clayton (22) and Taylor Robertson (27). Or Katz are victims, deliberately chose, is not yet clear. After the shooting he made an end to his life.

Shocking video footage shows that shortly before the shooting a laser dot on the body of one of the victims appeared. The tournament was to follow via a live stream on the internet. The police do not make any statements about the motive of the shooter.

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According to gamers behaved Katz, who played under the name MrSlicedBread, earlier in the tournament has been hostile to his opponents. “He spoke with almost no one,” says a gamer. “After a match, I wanted to give him a hand, but he looked away and said nothing.” The two gamers who are in the shooting were killed, had not against Katz played. Witnesses further say that Katz during the two-day event, always the same clothes.

5000 dollar

In American media is going now interviews around of Katz, which in detail tells about his gaming skills. The organiser of the event, has announced that the security measures in the e-sports industry in light will be held. With the video game was $ 5000 in prize money on the game. The winner of the game, which revolves around American Football, could place themselves for the final in Las Vegas.

Katz was a well-known player in the world and also participated in competitions across the country. Last year he showed his dissatisfaction appear to be about the fact that he, as the seventh was placed in a tournament in Buffalo. “I am much better and will show,” said Katz at the time. He won the tournament.

At the tournament in Jacksonville was Katz announced as ” a player with few emotions. “He is not come here to make friends”, said the presenter of the event.

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