Thirty days in jail for Kremlin critic Navalni

7d94ff2af47fa5415dc14e59107f685d - Thirty days in jail for Kremlin critic Navalni

MOSCOW – The Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalni is by the court sentenced to thirty days imprisonment. The Kremlin critic was found guilty of violation of the demonstratiewetgeving. By this judicial decision can Navalni next month as a protest against the pension reform does not lead.

Navalni was Saturday, at his house, arrested in connection with the nonetheless, the continue from a demonstration at the end of January in Moscow, although the authorities had refused to provide your consent. The opponent of president Vladimir Putin is regularly in the shackles beaten because of his activities against the government.

Navalni said Monday that this new condemnation for something that is more than half a year ago happened, purely intended to bring him out of the picture to keep with the planned demonstration on 9 september. The Russians go to the streets for their aversion to showing the increase of the retirement age.

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