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The situation on the Monday: What can Bitcoin everything

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Kaspersky revealed a very three most Kryptoscam – the authors suggest the safety of researchers in North Korea. Ripple CEO, Brad garlinghouse takes meanwhile, big words in the mouth, while Thailand is out on it’s own crypto currency. In the meantime, verprellte BitMEX users are raging on Twitter. And all because of Bitcoin. The situation on Monday.

Bitcoin can stir up. And the spills, slowly but surely, in all directions. Because while all of the Trader and Hodler captured on the Bitcoin price look that has held for about Heiko Maas – even if unintentionally – a plea for crypto-currencies. At least we the so. Where we are political Affairs: Thailand is out on currently own crypto-currencies, which is similar to the (us) neighboring Liechtenstein. The Whole crown the latter with a Security Token, and the stable ground for a sprawling adaptation of the Blockchain technology. And what has this all rolling? To a large part of the Satoshi Nakamoto White Paper, with which he was especially upset: the global financial system.

The thing with BitMEX

Where we are the builders of this magnificent architecture called Bitcoin: by the looks of it, he, she, or it, apparently, is not a Bitcoin millionaire. All of this will found out the now somewhat discredited stock exchange BitMEX. And shortly after, they presented the results of their research, it came to a head. After a (clearly announced) tag break, the stock exchange to be traded on the derivatives for cryptography currencies, suddenly under a DDOS attack. The consequence: users could not log in. Subsequently, allegations of manipulation came fairly quickly – some users are likely to look now for Alternatives. Especially as the Farce occurred randomly, as BitMEX, especially in the most expensive Offices of this world moved in. Whether coincidence or not, it shows that Bitcoin can stir up.

Also the good old American stock exchange Supervisory authority, has to do with the crypto-currency as before. Although the Securities and Exchange Commission put namely eager bureaucrats ‘ heads together, does not want to succeed in the regulatory soup as before. Because after the provisional cancellation of the Bitcoin ETF with the SEC to be decided very quickly: You are going to think about the Whole thing, maybe do it again.

The Price Of Bitcoin

And the price of Bitcoin? The is – especially in comparison to last year – relatively unaffected. (If you can say something like this of courses). So he has seen within the last week, a gentle increase of almost five percent. So he staggers between the 6,000 – and 7,000-US-Dollar mark slightly upwards and can be quite the opposite to its environment – is not very upset. As it stands at the moment the Bitcoin exchange rate and all the other you can read here. A good Start to the week wishes:

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