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Stoffel Vandoorne latest in home race: “It was a very boring race”

338d86c802f31bdcdc48f52f4f396729 - Stoffel Vandoorne latest in home race: "It was a very boring race"

The belgian Stoffel Vandoorne had a pretty boring crew. At the circuit of Spa-Francorchamps in his McLaren MCL33 too slow for others to catch up and if you are already at the rear departure is a last place, the thickened.

“It was to be honest a fairly boring race! I rode all the time alone.” begins Vandoorne are looking back at his crew. “The startcrash was very unhappy, but fortunately everyone was okay, that is the most important.”

By that startcrash came the safety car is immediately on the job. At McLaren, they tried to Vandoorne therefore, a slightly different strategy, but it stayed the result is ultimately the same.

“We have tried to do something different with the strategy and made a pit stop during the safety car. Unfortunately, that is not paid off. I think the race generally for everyone reasonable was boring. There was not much caught up and, in our opinion, there were no miracles.”

“What we also did, there was not much we could do to get out of our situation get. Whether it was the right choice to do this a second time to pips is difficult to say, it was in any case not much difference. We confirmed more or less our speed and were not fast enough. Our only chance of a good result was to do something completely different and that worked ultimately. I think, however, that we by the to try lost something,” decided Vandoorne.

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