Smoking and crying pilot, cause crash Nepal

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KATHMANDU – A kettingrokende and severe emotional pilot, the crash of a passenger plane in Nepal caused, where, in march, 51 people died. In a research report, not yet officially out, is that the pilot repeatedly had crying and sniveling during the flight of US-Bangla Airlines.

Comments from a female colleague would be the cause of his emotional storms. They would question have the qualities of the former air force pilot. “This mistrust and the stress led him to constantly be in the cockpit to smoke and have led to several emotional breakdowns during the flight”, in the report by the Reuters news agency is partly understood.

The airliner crashed during landing at the Kathmandu international airport. The pilot followed the instructions of the control tower and the aircraft was not on time, in balance. There were 71 people on board. The pilot was one of the dead.

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