Sacha Baron Cohen drops item Sarah Palin

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Baren Cohen decided to have the section not to transmit, after Palin before her anger had been expressed.

LOS ANGELES – The segment that Sacha Baron Cohen with Sarah Palin filmed for his show Who Is America?, is not being broadcast. The last episode of the satire was Sunday on the American television show, but as in previous episodes was missing the item with the old politician.

In the program, interviewed Baron Cohen as a number of characters unsuspecting politicians. That showed in startling statements elicit. So he got a number of republicans as far as aid from to speak for a program in which preschoolers learn with weapons.

Also Palin was interviewed for the program, as she was known even before the first episode was broadcast. In a furious post on Facebook let them know that they have it framed felt. “You had me Sacha, do you feel better now? I am now on a long list of American public figures that are victim of the malicious, abusive, sick ‘humour’ of the British ‘comedian’ Sacha Baron Cohen”, let them know. Palin was, to say angry, because she was told that she is with a war veteran would speak for a documentary.

The former vicepresidentskandidaat realized halfway through the interview that she was in the ooitje was taken and left. “How dare you people try to make of our country have served?” she wondered in the post, which was addressed to both Sacha Baron Cohen as station Showtime and parent company CBS. The station denies that the comedian is in the item, posing as ex-military.

Why the segment with Sarah Palin ultimately was not broadcast, is not clear.

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