Premiere final season ‘Game of Thrones’ is postponed

b3865cb1d0511358babc89057919fb7a - Premiere final season 'Game of Thrones' is postponed

Bad news for fans of “Game of Thrones”. The last season of the fantasyreeks will only be out in may and not in april as was previously announced. The series will compete for the Emmy Awards in 2019 and extends therefore the release on.

Who a bit of the series have followed, know that each new season is normally in april on tv appeared. For the last two seasons, weeks, the producers of this pattern. Season seven was released in July 2017 and the last part of the series will even not until may 2019 on television. It was previously announced that the premiere in april would fall, but visual effects supervisor Joe Bauer to have a different opinion about.

“My diary is fully booked until may, will rather the series not be broadcast,” says Bauer on The Huffington Post. Sources tell that the show still like to be nominated would be for the Emmy Awards in 2019 and therefore, most of the episodes so may be broadcast.

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