Pope Francis: ‘Psychiatry can mean a lot for gay kids’

3cc7a6c1fd6d51e4184b7f4bca4d611d - Pope Francis: ‘Psychiatry can mean a lot for gay kids’

Pope Francis during a press conference said that parents are the best psychiatric help for children who are ‘homosexual tendencies’ show.

A journalist asked the pope during a press conference aboard the plane taking him to Sunday from Ireland flew back home to Rome what parents should do when they notice that their children are homosexuals.

“In the first place, I would the parents say to pray, their child is not to condemn their son or daughter to try to understand and have the necessary space to give,” replied the pope.

He then said, however, that parents the age of their child should keep in mind. ‘The homosexual tendencies of a child at a very young age, clearly, there is still a lot to be done in psychiatry. It’s a different story when those tendencies only manifest around the twentieth year.’

The pope emphasized, however, that parents are never in silence may envelop. ‘A son or a daughter with homosexual inclinations, ignore it is a capital error.’

“Serious and irresponsible’

French homorechtenorganisaties are not to speak about the statements of the pope. “We condemn his views, who, again, do you believe that homosexuality is a disease would be. If there would be a disease, then it is the homophobia that vastgeworteld is in the society, ” says a spokesperson of the organisation Inter-LGBT people to the French news agency AFP.

SOS Homophobie says the statements of Francis ‘grave and irresponsible’. “They turn to hatred, and that in a society that is already characterized by a lot of homophobia and transphobia,” says the group on Twitter.

The controversial statements of the pope to follow in just a few days after his visit to Ireland that was overshadowed by a big scandal about sexual abuse in the church. As a result of the abuse demanded a former papal nuncio, even to the dismissal of Francis.

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