Police intervene after ‘witch hunt for foreigners ” in Chemnitz

9385407a886f6d10a5fa22235b2d8e37 - Police intervene after ‘witch hunt for foreigners " in Chemnitz

There are Monday thousands of people met in the streets of the Eastern German city of Chemnitz. Left-wing and right-wing demonstrators stand there facing each other after a 35-year-old German over the weekend after a scuffle with two young men of foreign origin of his injuries was collapsed.

The police allowed the two groups of demonstrators – left and right – apart with a water cannon. More than 1,000 people gathered in a demonstration against the extreme-right, and then some hundreds of metres further a tegenbetoging arose, with a thousand people.

Police officer Sonja Pnezel stated that the police ‘will not allow the demonstrators in control of the city to take over’.

The unrest began Sunday, when an 800-many people came on the street to demonstrate against criminal foreigners. The occasion is the death of a 35-year-old German, after a scuffle with two youths of Iraqi and Syrian origin.

‘No place’

Videos on social media show how people of foreign origin during the demonstrations on Sunday were chase and attacked, something that the German government immediately wroth responded.

“What in Chemnitz was to be seen, has no place in our rule of law,” said government spokesman Steffen Seibert. ‘Such meetings, witch hunts on people who look different, of other ethnicity are or the attempt to hatred on the streets to spread (…) condemn me in the name of the federal government, at best.’

New actions

The anti-islambeweging Pegida and the far-right party AfD called out Monday morning to new demonstrations. The police is currently massively on the spot to keep everything quiet.

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