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Once cursed, now prices F1 pilots the Halo after heavy startcrash

512dd1a9e081b57d4b298e43eeeea746 - Once cursed, now prices F1 pilots the Halo after heavy startcrash

Ever so cursed by riders and fans, today is the day praised for its usefulness … the Halo.

After the heavy crash at the start of the GP of Belgium is the ‘Halo’, which is acclaimed for its usefulness. Where the instrument in the past was repeatedly cursed and huge ugly was mentioned, the comparison with a “thong style sandal, created’ was quickly created, it was the Halo this time praised for its usefulness.

It was also the image of the race, the giant startcrash with Nico Hulkenberg behind Fernando Alonso rammed and then that in his McLaren in the air was catapulted, and over the cart of Charles Leclerc reed.

After the cars to a halt had come were the traces on the Halo of the white F1-racing car of Charles Leclerc to see clearly. Here is the F1 clearly worse escapes, as was the conclusion in both the F1 drivers and the FIA, which is the ever so cursed Halo from this season was obliged, in the F1.

Without Halo, was the orange F1 car of Fernando Alonso more than likely came in contact with the head and the helmet of Charles Leclerc. The big question, then, is what that would have given …

According to a lot of riders, and F1 insiders, the discussion should be about whether or not the use of the Halo after this startcrash once and for all stop. The Halo has proved to be useful, as is the view among riders, ex-riders and the FIA.

Or yesterday actually was the case that a life was saved, we will never know. But it was in the past already several times that a F1 car right past the head of a F1-pilot slipped. Sometimes it was only a matter of a few centimetres that a great tragedy was avoided. That will be the Halo wouldn’t be possible any more …

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