On average, each day to swim someone from Dover to the French coast

2bb3c78fb43735505094dd904546292a - On average, each day to swim someone from Dover to the French coast

Last year made of about four hundred dare-the 32-kilometer-long crossing between the English Dover and the French Cap Gris-Nez. Now you still. Please note: only with a standaardzwempak swim legitimated The Channel.

Since 1875, it did for thousands of people. That says a lot about the popularity of the crossing, that might even be the ‘Everest of the seas’. Last year there were almost four hundred people across The English Channel. This year we have one hundred and eighty swimmers. There will still be a few decades to recover, as the ‘oversteekseizoen’ runs until the beginning of October.

If the tides allow, you will find, after 32 kilometer swim to the French coast. But there are several factors that the trip might stretch. So swam Matthew Webb, the Englishman who first crossed, more than 60 km before he set foot on shore. The technology was simply not yet so developed, so he several times off course himself.

Changing tides

Today, the accompanying organizations to more accurate weather and stromingsvoorspellingen. If the conditions are not ideal, is the challenge with a few days shifted. That happiness had Webb not at first. He was also more than 21 hours in the water.

The average swimmer is doing there today, about fourteen hours. Already, there is some clearance, by the changing tides of the sea. Due to the constant rising and falling water level of the sea and the tidal current associated propels the sea and the swimmers to one side, allowing the swimmers an extra mileage. After a few hours, as the tides change, propels the sea and the swimmers back to the other side. It is rather an exception that one is in a straight line Cap Gris-Nez reached.

For example, Courtney Paulk, that the distance the previous week, on Wednesday, came rushing in more than sixteen hours, a zig-zagging track. Kyra Star Wijnker, by contrast, had by the end of July but nine hours on the French mainland to the west. They swam a much straighter line. The fastest took less than seven hours.

Dip you in the Channel?

You also want your chances to this crossing to make? There are two organizations near Dover where you terechtkan. For about 360 euros, and is the entire crossing accompanied. From Shakespeare Beach, in Dover, to the coast to Cap Gris-Nez sail a boat next to you that you for the entire trip keeping an eye on. So you are safe and also more visible for the passing cargo ships.

The swimmers are allowed only from Dover leave. France late departure from their mainland, not longer. The French government wants the refugees in Calais to the United Kingdom do not want to offend.

Apart from a strong physical endurance and for about 360 euros on your account, you will only have a standaardzwempak, a swimming cap and goggles required. It sounds crazy, but with a wetsuit, you will explore the sea. At least not if you want your crossing is recognized.

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