More and more Turks flights to Greece

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ATHENS – more and more Turks flee from their country and ask for asylum in Greece. Only in July, that happened 687 times, report Greek media. Since the beginning of this year, Athens has been almost two thousand Turks registered. According to an officer of the coast guard is the actual number may be much larger because many are not to the authorities report. They travel to Western or Central Europe.

President Erdogan

The power came on corridor after the failed attempt in the summer of 2016 to the Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan fall. The year for this coup wrote Greece 43 Turkish asylum seekers in, in 2016, it is already 189, and in 2017 even 1827. An unknown number of people is the accident during the crossing of the Aegean Sea or the river Evros.

President Erdogan left after the coup, tens of thousands of opponents to pick up because of suspected involvement. Due to the economic crisis that currently feel, decisions are still more Turks to leave.

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