Moordverdachte Jos B. ” I hope as soon as possible to the Netherlands’

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The Dutch police hope that the suspect of the murder of Nicky Verstappen, who yesterday was arrested, as quickly as possible is to be extradited to the Netherlands. She said that Monday morning at a press conference.

The fugitive B. could Sunday night be picked up after earlier last week a opsporingsbericht of him was scattered. Someone that that message had seen, remarked the Dutchman in Spain, some fifty kilometers from Barcelona.

The Spanish police has developed a video released of the arrest of Jos B. In the caption of the video is that it comes to the arrest of one of the meestgezochte men of the Netherlands.

It is not yet clear where B. on this one is being held. He was, in all likelihood, locked up in a police station in Barcelona.

“We are going to assume that the defendant by Spain to the Netherlands will be extradited,” said officer Jan Moose of the Public Ministry of the Netherlands, at a press conference. “How long that will last, is not known at this time.’

“The past few days was our focus on it as soon as possible arrest of the suspect. Now, we focus on it the suspect as quickly as possible in the Netherlands to get’, he continued, a police spokeswoman. ‘Hopefully we come then finally to know more about what happened in the last hours of the victim.’

Many unanswered questions

The special information number that was opened, remains accessible. ‘All the information about the past of the accused, or other relevant information, will remain most welcome. Everything reaches us, via the media, is picked up as needed in the file. There is still a lot of unanswered questions, as our priority the past few days, especially lag in the detection of the suspect.’ The police received since the call B. last week of 1,500 tips.

The arrest of Jos B. was also a beautiful form of cooperation between the Dutch and Spanish police forces’.

The eleven-year-old Nicky Verstappen from Heibloem disappeared in the night of 9 to 10 August 1998 during a summer camp at the Brunssummerheide in the Netherlands. His body was the following evening near the camp found. The young boy was sexually abused and then murdered.

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