Lesley-Ann Poppe teaches your tattoo’s turn

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Where is the time that Flanders Lesley-Ann Poppe got to know in Get Food? It was the start of a mediacarrière because afterwards she participated in The Best hobby cook of Flanders, and she sang with Tanja Dexters and Griet Vanhees in the girl group B-A-B-E. Not all Lesley-Ann Poppe touch turns into gold, but the model is on the way to a seriously zakenimperium to build. Do that she with her husband Kevin with whom she last year married. Lesley-Ann opened a few years ago, her Beauty And Lifestyle Academy on the Meir in Antwerp. People wrote are flocking in to take training courses in the direction of beauty and lifestyle. Hair, make-up, nail stylist, pedicure, could get it all. The immediately walked storm for the opleidngen and the building to the Meir quickly became too small. Therefore, the search for larger premises and new offices in Ghent and Hasselt. Sunday afternoon, fourth Lesley-Ann Poppe the opening of the new school on the Lange Nieuwstraat in Antwerp. There you can get many dozens of training courses including facial treatments, hairstyling, nagelstyling, massage, voedingsconsulent but just as good photography, a wedding planner, blogging, assertiveness, and even tattoo artist. To choice not lack. The wide choice explain why more than 4,000 people to the new school year to start. Immediately made the blonde use to her own product line to present during a High Tea party. From now on you can Lesley-Ann Poppe on your face (or elsewhere on your body) lubrication. There are products for young and old, and which products you can buy from a dollar, or ten. Lesley-Ann opts for simplicity and accessibility. Therefore, the products also on Sunday are available to purchase and there is the shop. Lesley-Ann in the past a number of times an action of GAIA supported, prides itself on its products do not have been tested on animals. In addition to all kinds of ointments, you can also all kinds of accessories to purchase in the branches of the Beauty And Lifestyle Academy. Lesley-Ann Poppe is the recent years more than ever before, a businesswoman become, and she knows what she wants and especially what they don’t want to. Everything she does must be quality, it is not only the figures but also to her good name and fame. “It is not because you are a BV are people to just buy everything from you”, she says in The Latest News. If a businesswoman is Lesley-Ann more seriously than in the past. “The sexy babe hang out was fun, but that has my credibility seriously undermined. So hence no shoots more with mouth open and ass backwards. As a businesswoman, I have more future than as a slut. And of my business partners, I feel a certain appreciation. Anyone who thinks that it is easy to negotiate with me, will be disappointed,” writes The Latest News.

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