Law doctor revises statements about cause of death Ivana Smit

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In the investigation of the death of the Belgian-Dutch top model Ivana Smit (18), the Malaysian anatomist-pathologist her statements about the cause of death was revoked. The family of Smith had, from the beginning, doubts in the investigation of the Malaysian police.

The Malaysian law doctor who last week testified that Ivana Smit, living fell down from a balcony and died of the consequences of that fall, comes back on her own words. That she has the Monday morning, said at the trial about the death of the young woman.

Due to the ongoing pressure from various corners, including the family of Smith, went to the middle of August, the so-called Coroner’s Court from the start. That is a special procedure within the Malaysian legal system where the judge investigates whether there may be someone involved in the death of Smith. Earlier, the police are not.

On december 7 of last year collapsed Ivana Smith from a balcony and she came to 42 metres below the footpath. The Malaysian police launched an investigation and found out that the girl is under the influence of alcohol and drugs. The case was labeled as a tragic accident, but it took the family of Smith is not satisfied. Survivors pointed an accusing finger at an American miljonairskoppel.

Ambiguities in statement

The judge who is the legal research to assess, delete now all opinions pathologist Zunaizah Binti Hilmi gave during her earlier statement. Factual findings of, for example, injuries to specific locations on Smits’s body remain intact.

The testimony of the Malaysian pathologist stalled when she was asked during the cross-examination of the familieadvocaat Sankara Nair. He asked by ambiguities in its statement. The pathologist stated time of the opening came not, for example, correspond to the time on the still working watch to Smits wrist.

After the insistence of the lawyer said Hilmi said that they no longer wanted to give. The court proceeded to a line through all its statements.

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