Last season’s Game of Thrones again delayed

Last season's Game of Thrones again delayed

The patience of the Game of Thrones fans will be once again put to the test. We went there secretly from the final episodes of season 8 from april 2019 would be sent as Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) that had been told, but now let Joe Bauer, who is responsible for the special effects to know that his agenda for Game of Thrones is fully booked until the end of may, which would suggest that the series only at the end of may 2019, will be broadcast…

The seventh season of Game of Thrones was in July 2017 broadcast and since then, look forward to the final eighth season of the popular series of the moment. Fortunately, the fans have been waiting for just as well, since A Song of Ice and Fire, the fantasy book series by George RR Martin on which the series is based is puts their patience to the test. The last two books of the series are also a time delayed.

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