Jenna Dewan supports Channing Tatum after the death of his best friend

bbe9c951130cb3ab2d47b68dd49d8636 - Jenna Dewan supports Channing Tatum after the death of his best friend

Jenna Dewan shows her compassion is now the best friend of her ex-husband Channing Tatum, has died.

Jenna Dewan rests her ex-husband Channing Tatum now that he’s his best friend suddenly is lost. The actor showed via social media for weeks that he is a friend Corey Vaughn died in a long open letter and an old photo. On the picture you see Channing and Corey play football on the football field of their school.

Tatum looks back on how he and Corey met when he went to Mississippi, moved and thanked his friend for the friendship.

“My first best friend Corey Vaughn, the globe leave. Man, I have so much to say”, wrote the 38-year-old actor. “I will never be mad pranks forgotten, and how he for my mind and me protected when I go to Mississippi.”

Channing said that the death of Corey everything in perspective, and called upon his fans to make the most of the life to enjoy, as a tribute to his deceased friend. “I will always miss this man. I love you, brother,” shut Channing to the message.

In a response shows Jenna Dewan and her compassion. “RIP Corey. I send all the love in the world to his family.”

The death of Corey comes in a period in which Channing in separation with Dewan. The two have a five-year-old daughter Everly. They met in 2006 at the filming of the movie Step Up and were nine years married.

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