Japanese tourist filming a military installation and is N-Korea off

PYONGYANG – The North Korean authorities to put a Japanese tourist out of the country. The man was arrested on suspicion of criminal offences. The state news agency of North Korea’s message is that the Japanese to explore is treated and allowed to leave.

The border area between North and South Korea.

Sources around the Japanese government say that earlier this month a Japanese man was arrested who was filming at military installations in the coastal city of Namp’o, message to the Japanese broadcaster NHK. It is probably the same person.

North Korea has had foreign visitors detained, sometimes with dramatic consequences. So died the American Otto Warmbier after about a year and a half had passed in the stalin-controlled country. The authorities had him in poor health, returned to the United States.

It is unclear whether the Japanese, the country already has left. Japan and North Korea have a strained relationship. Tokyo wants to, inter alia, that the regime in Pyongyang Japanese back which have been kidnapped in the seventies and eighties.

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