Israel reopens border crossing with Gaza strip

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EREZ – Israel has the border crossing with the Gaza strip at the city of Erez reopened. The security situation over the past week have clearly improved, say the Israeli authorities.

Hannin Zuabi, a member of the Knesset, demonstrates with Palestinians at the border crossing of Erez (archive photo).

The Palestinian enclave on the coast currently has three border crossings, two to Israel and one third to Egypt. Israel closed the Erez transition over a week ago, after riots at the border. The army said that Palestinians with stones and molotov cocktails tossed.

It has already been unsettled at the border between Israel and the Gaza strip, where the Hamasbeweging to power. During weekly protests since the end of march, about 170 Palestinians has come into your life, say the authorities in the Gaza strip. Protesters want more to enforce that they are allowed to return to areas where once Palestinians lived, but who are now Israeli territory.

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