Iran to Hague court to impose sanctions, USA

dd7e8073c46f18d91c04f5d4673b632a - Iran to Hague court to impose sanctions, USA

THE HAGUE – Iran to the International Court of justice in The Hague stepped to U.s. sanctions of the table. The Islamic Republic maintains that the U.S., with penalties a friendship treaty in 1955, violate. The countries were still allies. That changed after the Iranian Revolution.

Donald Trump

The UN court the US has already sued the final judgment is not aside. It is still unclear whether the government of Donald Trump respond. Washington said in a first reaction, know that the court does not have jurisdiction to rule on the case. Also would the relatively unknown treaty of 1955 not relate to this kind of issues.

The US put the sanctions after president Trump the atoomdeal with Iran in the trash was thrown. An Iranian representative argued Monday in court that Washington try the Iranian economy as much damage as possible. He said that Tehran unsuccessfully attempted a diplomatic solution to be found.

The Americans put on Tuesday their legal arguments apart.

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