How much does a landline phone still?

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The French telecom operator Orange pulling the plug out of the landline phone. Belgium does not seem to plan the French example to follow. If you still have no to say goodbye to your landline, the question arises: how much we pay for a landline phone?

The end of an era in France, where Orange from november begins the dismantling of the fixed telephone network. About two months can the French no new hard lines to install. Within five years it is one of the classic téléphone fixe a thing of the past. Who in the future wants to call, will this via the internet must do.

Orange took the decision following the strong decline in the number of users of the old-fashioned telephone. Moreover, it is almost impossible to find parts to get to the existing hard lines to repair. This seems to be in Belgium not pose a problem: our operators have at the moment no plans to fixed line reels.

But how much does it cost to be home to enjoy a fixed telephone line?

Fixed phone

At Telenet, you pay for a Freephone Europe-subscription monthly 22,60 euro. You call unlimited to Belgian fixed numbers and 2,000 minutes to mobile numbers, both in Belgium as in some other countries. Note: this only applies during the off-peak hours (from 16 hours to 8 hours), in weekends and on public holidays. Who day, the same deal want to enjoy, pay each month 7,5 euro extra for the option Anytime.

At Proximus sounds a similar story: there, you pay 23,13 € per month for a Phone Line subscription. Customers can call during the off-peak unlimited to landlines and 1000 minutes per month to a Belgian mobile numbers. Who is calling during the peak hours, has there 0,79 euro per call for down.


Often it is for consumers, however, cheaper to have a global subscription, instead of separate contracts for fixed line, internet, digital tv and gsm. ‘That is true not only in the telecommunications sector: by buying large you do is almost always to your advantage,’ says Isabelle Geeraerts, spokeswoman at Telenet. “Most of our customers opt for a bundle. That trend has been visible.’

Telenet has been a fixed telephone line is automatically included in all bundles. You will get in one package of internet, digital tv and Freephone Europe. Whoever wants to add a mobile subscription. For most customers, this is a bundle with a fixed line – out to be cheaper than individually paying for internet, mobile and digital tv.

A bundle, no fixed line?

A bundle with no fixed line at Telenet is not an option. ‘The hard line sits at Telenet, indeed, still in a bundle,’ as Geeraerts. “We noticed that the hard line being used effectively: 85% of the customers with a bundle use the landline frequently.’

Because of this, paying customers without a fixed line but with Telenet-bundle-nilly or for a package with a fixed line. “Yes, there are those as well. But our customers can always choose: you can also separate the internet or tv to shut down. We keep, of course, always in the holes, or the behaviour of customers is evolving: if that hard line in the future no longer used, then we will have our bundles of different composition. But we’re not.’

This philosophy is not followed by Proximus: set your own bundle together, with or without a fixed line. The Tuttimus and Familus bundles offer a fixed line, the Minimus bundle.

No individual fixed line

For smaller players, TV Vlaanderen, Scarlet, and EDPnet, you can’t individually choose a landline phone, but is a fixed line are automatically included in a data plan, whether or not in combination with television. Customers of Scarlet Trio call during the off-peak hours free of charge to fixed lines in Belgium, and for an extra 5 euro per month calling during the peak hours, to mobile numbers or to other countries. Who joins EDPnet pay a 0.13 euro per minute to a Belgian mobile number to call, and 0.025 euro to call to a fixed line, regardless of the time of day. TV Vlaanderen tel you both during the day and in the evening 0,09 euro per minute down to make calls to fixed and mobile Belgian numbers.

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