Helmut Lotti-South Africa

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Good news for Helmut Lotti. Next month, his new album, later this year he will give concerts and next year, Helmut Lotti, for the first time in many years in South Africa. That news heard of is the singer Monday morning at Plage Préférée on Radio 2. Presenter Kim Debrie had the singer to guest in her program. Helmut told drew that his The Comeback album there now appears. “During the third week of march, I have a couple of concerts in South Africa. I am happy that it is so early, can later, I will take a vacation”, just kidding Helmut. “Finally back to South Africa. They go to special from The Comeback album there broadcast on tv. Yes, they are doing a good job. I have a mail that my manager forwarded and knew that they were there hard at work but that she was already as far as were, I didn’t know that,” said Helmut.

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