Family: all hell breaks really loose for Veronique

d2dbec4524ab05188274a9fde84d3e0b - Family: all hell breaks really loose for Veronique

Two months, the fans of Family it have to wait but Monday night they got in an extra-long startaflevering the ending of the season finale to see. And that first episode of season 28 was a big thriller.
What happened after the trip of half-sisters Véronique and Amélie? Turned a spirited discussion in a bloody stabbing? And disclaim all tracks, really in the direction of Véronique? That revealed the new Family-season that Monday night was started. It was Véronique wake up next to the bloodied body of Amélie. Completely in a panic, and nothing more reminiscent of what happened that horrible night happened, she looks for help with her brother Peter. Véronique, however, went back on the run but was eventually arrested by the police. Both Peter as Lars thinking can’t believe that Véronique an assassination undertaken. But then dive suddenly, Brigitte (Janine Bishops). The mother of Lars and Amélie is convinced that Véronique is the offender, she has a strong dislike Of the Bossches.

The police is convinced that Véronique is the culprit because everything points in her direction. Amélie nor Véronique remember much of what happened. In the blood of Amélie were traces of a paralytic drug found. In the blood of Véronique was the only alcohol found. Brigitte, the mother of Amélie and Lars, gave to the police a motive why Véronique, Amélie sidelined would have: they could not verkroppen that Amélie, with a share of inheritance to the get went. That Brigitte the next time for even more problems will worry, that is more than obvious.

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