Catalan president brings blitzbezoek to Belgian house Puigdemont

716576286b4dd606b9fc614449ef4a7c - Catalan president brings blitzbezoek to Belgian house Puigdemont

The leader of the Catalan government, of quimper and lor Torra is Monday to Waterloo traveled to the former, deposed Catalan minister-president Carles Puigdemont to meet.

It is the fifth time the two men meet, after Torra on may 14, the new leader of Catalonia was. Torra sees himself, incidentally, as an ad interim-leader.

That has the regional Spanish channel TV3 on its internet site reported. Is intended to give resonance to the ‘council of the republic ” that the former leader, in exile in our country, presides. The purpose of the council is to be from abroad to exert pressure to come to an independent Catalan republic.

Carles Puigdemont was last weekend in Scotland, where Clara Ponsati, another minister-in-exile of his reign, are staying. He also took part in the ‘Beyond Borders’festival.

Puigdemont is allowed to move freely in Europe, with the exception of Spain, after the Spanish court, the European arrest warrant causing that sought him for ‘rebellion’ and ‘abuse of public money’.

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