By this “creative disagreement” left Danny Boyle regiestoel of ‘James Bond’

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“A creative disagreement”, this was the reason of the departure of Danny Boyle as a director of the new ‘James Bond’. According to a source, The Sun, inform, wanted Daniel Craig and producer Barbara Broccoli that Bond would die in a “spectacular finale”. Boyle found the idea “ridiculous”.

According to insiders, there were plans to Bond during a dramatic finale to let them die. At the same time, would the door ajar to be set for a twist in the next film – it was either Bond still had not died, or there could be a replacement come in the form of a new actor.

The source would also claim that there is a dispute about the budget, and that “many crew members, the production of dissatisfaction left”.

The Hollywood Reporter reported earlier that, through the ups and downs with the productieploeg, the 25th Bond film was postponed to the autumn of 2020.

In may announced the production company Eon Productions to that Boyle was the director for the film about secret agent 007 would take over. Last week it became known that the director of the project would be abandoned.

Boyle acquired a cult status with his film ‘Trainspotting’, which is located in the drug world of the nineties in Scotland is playing. He recorded his greatest success with ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ in 2008. The film won eight Oscars, of which that for best director.

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