Brothers Mocro-head Taghi arrested

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AMSTERDAM – two Dutch-Moroccan men in Morocco have been arrested for the liquidation of a rechterszoon in Marrakech, two brothers of the fugitive topgangster Ridouan Taghi.

The brothers of the most wanted man of our country have been arrested for a liquidation.

That confirms the lawyer of the two brothers, Inez Weski, to The Telegraph. The arrest is a new, important step in hunting the most wanted criminal in the Netherlands. This newspaper reported Sunday night about the arrest of two men for the ’vergismoord’ at the end of last year in Marrakech.

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“I can, I inform you, that both gentlemen are my client. They would as another people of the now, about a hundred arrested people in that case are held. I have the Dutch consul asked in accordance with the conventions applicable to them for assistance and an investigation into their situation. For the rest, I can offer you at this time, no announcements”, let Weski know.

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The target was almost certainly the Dutch criminal and owner Mustapha ’Moes’ F. , but the rechterszoon was in his chair, and go sit in a venue and was then riddled. The murder caused a wave of outrage in Morocco and put the law enforcement on edge. Previously the two suspected gunmen already arrested. Who are also coming from the Netherlands. The intended target Moes F. would be a rival of Taghi.

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The Moroccan authorities suspect that Ridouan Taghi the brain is behind the murder of the rechterszoon.According to the police, the arrested brothers ‘the assassination run ’in command of their brother who, outside Moroccan territory,” report of the Moroccan media.

The most wanted criminal of our country: Ridouan Taghi

The brothers were “material and logistical support” given to the gunmen, reported the Directorate-General for National Security (DGSN) mentioned earlier. So there would be phones are provided.

The Vianen originating Ridouan Taghi is on the National Opsporingslijst. He is suspected of the commission of multiple killings. The brother of the man who kroongetuige with the ministry of justice extensively stated Taghi was in march in Amsterdam shot dead.

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