Brihang and The Sixth Metal open 29th Lunch in the Park

c2e34fbba041679fee142eaa20d9dca4 - Brihang and The Sixth Metal open 29th Lunch in the Park

The space around the kiosk in the Park ran today despite the absence of the sun full for the performance of Brihang and The Sixth Metal. The West-Flemish artists were the 29th edition of Lunch in the Park to open. Tonight is also the Feeërieën start and so the Ancienne Belgique until Friday 30 August, afternoon and evening concerts in the park.

It has been a formula for success, the Sandwiches in the Park, and it seems this year is no different. The Park ran today and immediately filled up and hundreds of people came to enjoy their lunch break. The free festival, Ancienne Belgique, take a week-long kiosk of the Park for concerts of Belgian and international artists.

During the afternoon, the Belgian and especially Flemish artists to the kiosk to warm up. Wednesday Frank Vander Linden there playing songs of his last album “Night work”, while the Limburg rockers Neighbor Thursday, make their appearance. Friday there is a first, because for the first time is ‘t Hof van Commerce to see on the Lunch in the Park.

The Feeërieën in the evening for an international poster and especially for a voyage of discovery for music lovers. Today opens the most well-known name, the Icelandic Emiliana Torrini, the festival. The following day there, both contemporary and jazz, as a soulful electro or Nigerian afrobeats on the program.

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