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Blockchain conference in North Korea

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North Korea is not particularly guest-friendly known. In addition, the Communist country is identified in the crypto world as the author of Hacking attacks. However, should there be held in October of this year, an international Blockchain conference.

As the South Korean news portal Yonhap on 25. August reported, to from 1. to 2. October of this year, an international Blockchain conference in North Korea are held. The news site relies on a radio report by the U.S.-based broadcaster Radio Free Asia (RFA). An anonymous security expert had provided insights into the North Korean plans.

A country wants to show what it can

North Korea wants to experts from the subject to bring areas of crypto-currencies and Blockchain from all over the world with representatives of North Korean companies. For this purpose, the international Blockchain conference in Pyongyang is planned. The government wants to show above all that the North state has to offer on the Korean Peninsula in terms of crypto, and necessary skills for the crypto-adaptation dominates. At the same time the participants of the conference to meet with representatives of the North Korean state institutions. According to the 3. October already for this meeting, reserved, and almost a condition for participation in the conference collected.

So far, North Korea in connection with crypto currencies, rather in a negative way. Only recently, indications were found that the hacker group Lazarus North could be of Korean origin. In may of this year, the South Korean crypto exchange Bithumb put the neighbours on the black list. North Korea is led, in the meantime, already as a “high risk country” in terms of crypto-Hacking,. In fact, some of the recent Hacking-attacks traces to the city from the outside world largely isolated North Korea.

This reputation seems to want North Korea with the planned conference.

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