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Bitmain released Bitcoin Miner with water cooling

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Bitmain has a new Miner on the market. This should work due to the built-in water cooling system, quiet and energy-saving. Exactly those points of criticism, the Mining are to be be-devices often, refuted.

The Mining Hardware manufacturer Bitmain has in a press release on 23. August, a new Bitcoin-Miner is presented. The first is nothing Special, it is in this year, however, the eighth device that has brought the company to the market. The latest product with the addition of a novelty: It includes a water-cooling system. It supports the SHA256 algorithm, and is intended to promise both a stable performance and a high reliability.

Innovative Water-Cooling Concept

Mining Hardware is often the subject of criticism, because the air cooling can represent a tremendous noise. In addition, they consume enormous amounts of electricity. In this context, it is always still claimed that the Mining of Bitcoin consumes as much electricity as the entire country of Denmark. These points of criticism to face up to Bitmain with your new Antminer S9 Hydro.

The traditional air cooling of all the previous Miner is for the high noise levels at the mines are responsible. With the use of water for heat dissipation, you can achieve a correspondingly lower volume. Up to 20 dB quieter the Antminer S9 Hydro should be compared to air cooled units. At the same time, the performance of the Miners is increased – with a cool head, it can work better. During operation, the chip temperature difference is only about 5°C. in addition, you can keep the maintenance costs low.

This factor is also supported, the device has a high Staubdichtichgkeit. So the Miner dust deposits in the Interior of the machine can effectively avoid the risk of short-circuits or corrosion of internal components to reduce.

In terms of power saving, the new Miner is supposed to be superior to its predecessors. So Bitmain declared that Bitcoin Mining farms, which are equipped with a source of water Outdoors, saving about eight to twelve percent of the electricity. Other than the cooling fans, the water cooling system directly to the Interior of the Miners, in order to dissipate heat, and the long-term operational stability to ensure

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