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Bitcoin rate in 2018 at US $ 20,000: Tom Lee

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The Bitcoin exchange rate stands currently at just under 6.700 US Dollar. In comparison to the all-time high in December 2017 that are well over 50 percent loss. Reason to panic? Hardly, it goes to Tom Lee. The COP looks positively into the future: He says that the US $ 20,000 this year are still in there.

There is such a thing with the cops. That you come at the right Moment, is lately become a rarity. At a Bitcoin price of just under 6.700 US Dollar, we are still far from the last all-time high. While John McAfee fears for long been a lost bet, there is one out there that is not tired to see the future with optimism, Tom Lee:.

His character is an Analyst at Fund entered holds this of course could crack even for realistic that by the end of the year, once the 20,000-U.S.-Dollar mark. Currently, the price of Bitcoin-oriented, although still in the “break-even-point” of the mining. However, the Analyst believes to have an indicator, discovered that one could make the further development of the Bitcoin price. So he did the MSCI Index (which has to do in principle nothing with the Bitcoin world) with the Bitcoin price compared and found that these correlated in their course. Therefore, the cops might return quite soon:

Fund s joined’Tom Lee may have found the next leading indicator for bitcoin

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Topsy-Turvy World: Bitcoin-Misery-Index

He also led the “Bitcoin-Misery Index” that indicates how the current mood on the market. This stand currently at 36, due to the SEC decision against the Bitcoin ETF, and the current negative sentiment in China – so not very well. According to Tom Lee, you could see this however as a contrary indicator. A short-term Rally is quite possible. On the question of whether the 20,000-U.S.-Dollar mark until the end of the year, he replied:

“Bitcoin needs 10 days to recover completely. I therefore believe that it is possible.“

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