Bad luck for those who had already booked with Ryanair

ea15735a668b729e64339ec25d74449a - Bad luck for those who had already booked with Ryanair

Brussels – those Who already have a ticket bought for a flight with Ryanair, but after november 1, departs, still 8 euro to pay for a wheeled case.

Archive view. Ryanair let from 1st of november to pay for the rolkoffertje on board. Even though you have long your ticker bought.

And that should not, says the Belgian Consumers ‘ association Test-aankoop in het Nieuwsblad.

The budget airline raised a lot of anger when she revealed that from november only free with a purse, laptop or backpack, free on board. According to Ryanair is that for the flow to promote. Customers think that it is an ordinary price increase.

According to Test-aankoop has Ryanair, however, terminate the contract with the passenger changed. Who has paid to fly under the old conditions. However, at 8 euros questions to customers, is against the law. The bond responds on customers who are using a chat with Ryanair were told that everyone from 1 november docks.

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Test-achats asked himself those who dare protest to the signs at the airport. “Who will be his journey to let go of for a few euros?” writes The Newspaper.

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