Asia Argento deleted from the Italian “X Factor”

07141476a88962e02aef6505bfdb03f4 - Asia Argento deleted from the Italian "X Factor"

The Italian actress Asia Argento should not be a member of the jury in the twelfth edition of the Italian version of “X Factor”. The decision, which according to the filmmagazine Deadline has not yet been officially confirmed, comes after the actress last week, is accused of sexual abuse.

Local Italian media are reporting that all seven episodes of the show are included with Argento in the jury. This will not be re-recorded, it sounds, according to insiders. The actress will be in later episodes to be replaced by another member of the jury. The Italian version of “X Factor” is from 6 september broadcast on the commercial television channel Sky Uno.

According to court documents, which The New York Times could refer to it has Argento in 2013, the now 22-year-old actor Jimmy Bennett sexually abused. She was then 37 years old, he is 17 years old. When the documents is also a letter of intent in which Bennett 3.5 million dollars in compensation demands. The Italian actress, one of the pioneers of the #MeToo-motion, denies the allegations strongly.

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