Alex Agnew: ‘and then I was a daddy’

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Stand-upcomedian Alex Agnew shows tonight a very different side in The zomert with… He takes Bruno Wyndaele to the summers of his youth, and tells us to be honest about the difficult relationship with his father.

Alex had a dominant, uithuizige father. He had himself risen from working class roots to become a successful engineer, and therefore had high expectations of Alex. Expectations which he could not comply. “I have a career built on ” daddy, look what I can do’. I was a disappointment to my father, that he has literally said to me. ‘You’re my biggest disappointment, but at least you’re a nice guy.’”

Until today, that leaves traces. The swagger of Alex Agnew is a cry for attention and appreciation. The 45-year-old Alex has that now. “The older I get, the better I make my father understand.”

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