Willy Sommers dreams of a sequel

fe36498ad9b559a6ebbebb034c3846a5 - Willy Sommers dreams of a sequel

Willy Sommers and his wife Cindy looks in The Latest News back on his success at Pukkelpop. “Everywhere I go, people talk to me about it, it is amazing,” says Willy. He dreams aloud of a sequel, who knows, in the Arena, and that is totally not a crazy dream. And to say that he long had hesitated to do it, and that it was his daughters Annemie (36) and Luna (15) were to him the line it had drawn. “I knew he would do,” says his wife. Cindy was not there at Pukkelpop, they had Luka fit. “And now of course I regret it. Ge had him here in the evenings to look forward to: one and all emotion. I have him on a professional level have never been so happy conscience. He says that the highlight of his career has been. But maybe that’s not true, eh? Perhaps the highlight is yet to come. I would not be firing.”

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