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Vettel takes easy win in the GP of Belgium, huge crash disfigures start

89729fecf90fc64c7ce2f0b98a17f2c5 - Vettel takes easy win in the GP of Belgium, huge crash disfigures start

Sebastian Vettel has comfortably the Large Price of Belgium won. The German took the lead from Lewis Hamilton at the start, startled by a spectacular crash. Hamilton finished in second for Max Verstappen, the many Dutch fans reason to cheer. Stoffel Vandoorne finished as the fifteenth and last of the finishers.

At the start it was immediately touch at Spa-Francorchamps. Nico Hülkenberg, as the eighteenth left verremde is completely and rammed Fernando Alonso (McLaren) and Charles Leclerc (Sauber). Daniel Ricciardo was at that moment a tap, broke his rear wing and tapped also Räikkönen, who has a flat tire you down. A chaos vanjewelste in the first round, as we often see on the legendary circuit in the Ardennes. Sebastian Vettel took over in the meantime, immediately, the leadership of Lewis Hamilton, but by the many pieces was the safety car immediately on to the track called.

Verstappen makes fans crazy

Ricciardo came in for a new rear wing and the race eventually resume, either with two laps behind the other drivers. At the end of round four, disappeared the safety car again, so lots of racing could be. Vettel kept simple in the lead for Hamilton, but behind them there was for the numerous Dutch fans soon have something to celebrate. Max Verstappen devoured, after all, in a short time, both Force India’s – first Esteban Ocon, after Sergio Pérez – and moved on to the third place.

In the background spoiled also Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) to the public. The Fin was after a motorwissel only as seventeenth started, but cut himself bit by bit moving forward. Especially his inhaalactie on the Toro Rosso of Brendon Hartley – from the outside in Eau Rouge, the fast bend uphill, and also the most dangerous of the circuit – if there are.

Vettel has strings in the hands

Meanwhile, Sebastian Vettel pulled the strings in the front. The pit stops brought no major changes, though it was Hamilton who one round earlier came in then Vettel suddenly a lot closer. The German was however soon sort things by a few seconds to drive away with his British rival. Max Verstappen did in the meantime is an easy third place.

Valtteri Bottas came after a late pit stop again to place six on the track, just behind the Force India’s. Esteban Ocon, he had soon to deal with it, but Sergio Pérez turned out to be a harder nut to crack. Four laps from the end had the Fin, however, has yet to address. A nice catching up of Bottas, so with the fourth spot still twelve important points tackles for Mercedes.

All the way front was Vettel without problems in first place before Hamilton and Verstappen – that the numerous orange-shrouded fans from their roof let go. Bottas kept Pérez and Ocon to the end. The last places in the points were for Romain Grosjean (Hare), Kevin Magnussen (Haas), Pierre Gasly (Toro Rosso) and Marcus Ericsson (Sauber).

Unobtrusive race for Vandoorne

For Stoffel Vandoorne was once again a race to forget quickly. The Rumbekenaar was steering it successfully from the drama in turn one and made at the end of the first lap with a pit-stop. There, he took no noticeable advantage, because Vandoorne remained almost the whole race on the fifteenth, and after the final uitvalbeurt of Ricciardo – last place around. That position he held to the finish.

Lewis Hamilton remains the leader in the world CHAMPIONSHIP, but he sees his lead on Vettel, however, shrink from 31 to 24 points. The next race is next week already. And be sure that those with red checked state when Vettel: there is, after all, raced in Monza, Italy.

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