Us senator John McCain died

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John McCain, the influential Us Republican, died. The senator died Saturday, assisted by his family.

McCain, who proved to be fierce criticaster of president Donald Trump, suffering from a very aggressive brain tumor. His family had Friday even know that he had decided to use the treatment against the disease to stop. McCain let his wife Cindy, and seven children behind.

McCain was, since 1987, in the Senate, where he is the ‘maverick’ gold – a Congressman that is not always the party line follows, and also a dissident opinion, dares to proclaim. He was one of the most influential members of the Congress and enjoyed respect on the partijgrenzen. In 2008 he was a presidential candidate for the Republicans, but he had to take against Democrat Barack Obama.

McCain was extremely critical of Trump. After his press conference with Russian president Vladimir Putin in mid-July he called Trump still incompetent.

Criticism of Trump

During campagnemeetings the past few weeks showed Trump repeatedly negative about the seriously ill, senator, without him by name. During a speech in Florida denounced Trump, for example, that McCain in the past year against a bill voted for health insurance Obamacare partly to abolish. The decision gave birth to Trump both.

Also during the elections mocked Trump with McCain. In July 2015, he said that McCain is no war hero, because he during the Vietnam war and captured. “I love people who are not caught are taken,” said Trump when.

McCain was as a pilot of the US Navy in Vietnam, imprisoned and tortured by the Vietcong. As a politician, was he always against torture. As proposed by he for the closure of the controversial prison in Guantanamo bay.

Trump responded on Twitter to the death of McCain with a short message. “My deepest sympathy and respect to the family of senator John McCain. Our hearts and prayers are with you!’

In praise of Obama

Barack Obama was a piece of lovender: according to the former president shared his rival in the elections of 2008 with him a vision of the United States as ‘the place where anything is possible – and on citizenship as our patriotic duty to make sure that that always remains so’.

“We were part of different generations, had completely different backgrounds, and competed with each other at the highest political level. But we shared, in addition to all of our differences, a loyalty to something higher – the ideals for which generations of Americans and immigrants have fought, marched and sacrifices have brought, ” says Obama.

During the presidential campaign of 2008 responded to McCain, also very moderate in the already very polarized American political climate. When a woman during an election meeting said that they Obama could not trust because he is ‘an Arab’, McCain the microphone from her hands and he stressed that ” a decent family man that I happen to be of opinion with difference about fundamental issues.’

Obama and his wife Michelle offer their ‘most sincere condolences’ to the family-McCain. ‘Few of us are tested like John, or are asked to be courageous such as him. But each of us can strive to the higher interest above our set, ” says Obama.

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